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Mr. T

Mr. T

Mr. Morteza Taherisefat (Mr. T) was born in Tehran, Iran. After finishing high school, he made the difficult decision to leave his home country to pursue his education. He arrived in America on June, 28, 1978. After graduating top of his class from New Jersey Institute of Technology with his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, Mr. T continued to pursue his passion by obtaining his master’s degree in applied mathematics.

For over thirty one years Mr. Taherisefat has been an adjunct professor for both under graduate and graduate programs at the following universities, ECC, NJIT, Rutgers University, Montclair University, and William Paterson University, teaching a vary of courses such as physics, electrical engineering, and mathematics. At the same time Mr. Taherisefat worked in Paterson Public Schools as a classroom teacher of mathematics. In 2002 he was promoted to his current position of Supervisor of Mathematics. By the end of the 2014-2015 school year he will have completed his 28th year as an educator within the district of Paterson.

In his spare time Mr. T enjoys reading ancient history, playing chess, and working on mathematical puzzles.


Welcome to the Mathematics Department

                                                                         Core Beliefs

The Mathematics Department believes that every student is entitled to and deserves an excellent program of instruction in the content area that encourages each student to achieve at a high level. We believe that students become confident “doers” of mathematics when they are engaged in high level cognitive demanding tasks. We believe that by asking students purposeful and demanding questions, we are assessing and advancing their learning without taking away the process of thinking from them. Ultimately, the goal of our department is to prepare all children for college and career readiness.


Mathematics can be personified as a progression of investigations which ultimately advances students’ development of sound mathematical concepts and ideas. As students build on their content knowledge, we encourage the following practices to be linked to their learning: making sense of problems and persevering in solving them, reasoning abstractly and quantitatively, constructing viable arguments or critiquing the reasoning of others, modeling with mathematics, using appropriate tools strategically, attending to precision, looking for and making use of structure and repeated reasoning. The department has embraced and implemented a Conceptual-Based Model, which allows students time to explore mathematical concepts to promote academic rigor and maintain a high level of student discourse to concurrently develop conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and problem solving skills.

Department Emails

Bacote, Shaniqua Teacher
Bussanick, Claire Teacher
Chavez, Evelio Teacher
Falciglia-Thompson, Donna Teacher
Hatchell, Lucinda Teacher
Huamanchumo, Eloy Teacher
Kalemi, Pullumb Teacher
Lopez, Mr. Teacher of Mathematics Bilingual/Bicultural
Roman, William Teacher
Stas, Julietta Teacher
Taherisefat, Morteza Mathematics Supervisor

Links and Resources

Links and Resources

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