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School of Government and Public Administration

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    ABR Report Card

    District Anti-Bullying Report Card

    District Score: 70 out of 78 points

    GOPA ABR Grade is 69 out of 78 points

    Antibullying Specialist

    GOPA Anti-Bullying Coordinator
    Ms. Ayanna DeFreese

    Office:  Room 30

    Ext.: 10512
    Tel:      (973) 321-1000 ext. 10512
    Fax:     (973) 321-0527

    GoPA earns national recognition

    U S News and World Report has recognized GoPA as one of America's Best High Schools in 2016. Follow this link to read more.

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    Mission Statement

    The School of Government and Public Administration at Eastside High School, in partnership with all stakeholders, instills in its students core values for academic excellence, leadership and responsible citizenship.

    Miguel Sosa Principal.
    Principal's Message

    On behalf of our teachers and administrators, welcome to The School of Government and Public Administration (GOPA)! My name is Miguel Sosa and I am the principal of GOPA (a fellow Patersonian) raised and still living in this great historical city.

    At our school, we believe when given the proper nourishment, motivation, and the adequate resources to learn, all our students can academically succeed and become leaders in their own rights. We are a diversified school that embraces and respects all cultures with their individual heritage. Students’ self-esteem must begin by knowing and embracing their roots.

    For this reason, the staff and administration tirelessly believe in building bridges and inspiring students to have the confidence in themselves to succeed in all facets of body, spirit, and mind. We believe our students can reach their true potential through hard work and determination regardless of their personal circumstances.

    The School of Government and Public Administration understands that it takes a village to raise a child. We have an open-door policy towards the community and the parents that are committed to becoming partners (bridge builders) towards our students’ success.

    As the new principal of GOPA, I look forward to leading this school with these uncompromised values and working with all stakeholders to drive academic excellence. May God bless you all and The School of Government and Public Administration.

    Vision Statement

    GOPA aims to create a community of learners through working collaboratively in a safe and challenging learning environment that encourages dignity, involvement, independence and responsibility through high expectations and cooperation resulting in life long learning and personal growth.

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