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Mr. Thomas Easterbrook
Mr. Thomas Easterbrook

Language Arts Supervisor

ext. 51086

Born in West Milford, NJ, Thomas Easterbrook began his teaching career in 2001 as a member of the Eastside High School English Department after earning his B.A. in English from Montclair State University. While teaching at EHS, Mr. Easterbrook has taught nearly every course offered via the English Department: from Freshmen Seminar to AP Language and Composition. In 2013, he was the SOIT recipient of the Governor’s Teacher Recognition Award and in 2014 he earned his MA in Educational Administration from Caldwell University. In October 2015, Mr. Easterbrook was appointed English Language Arts Supervisor and is thrilled to continue his career in education at EHS.

Since he was a small boy, one of his favorite hobbies has been to read and write for pleasure. In To read or not to read (2007), the National Endowment for the Arts stated that “Leisure reading makes students more articulate, develops higher order reasoning, and promotes critical thinking.” Mr. Easterbrook believes that being a voracious reader at a young age transformed him into an effective communicator which turned the key to unlock the door of success. As a result, he adheres to the wisdom espoused by a recent PISA report that “Reading for pleasure is more important for children’s educational success than their family’s socio-economic status.”

As a new instructional leader, he attributes his success in the classroom to the collegial relationships that he has developed over the last 14 years with members of the EHS staff and administration. He currently resides in Little Falls, NJ, with his wife and two boys, Jack and Colin.

Language Arts

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Writing Opportunities


The Poetry Club consists of a group of students who get together every Tuesday in room 27 to read, write, discuss and recite various types of poetry. Guided by Ms. Crater and Mrs. Rogich, the students will practice reciting poetry in hopes of participating in a "Poetry Out Loud" contest run by the National Endowment for the Arts. Throughout the year, the Poetry Club hopes to organize several events such as a poetry slam and a poetry festival.   



Students who wish to submit their own poem or a favorite poem to appear on this page should submit the work to Mr. Easterbrook, for his review.

Poetry favorites

Crash Course in Literature

If you have never tried watching the Crash Course in Literature videos you may want to begin with #208 and listen to John Green discuss Chinua Achebe's novel Things Fall Apart.   He talks VERY fast so listen carefully!