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GoPA Earns National Recognition

U S News and World Report Honors GoPA

U S News and World Report, a National Publication, has recognized GoPA as one of America's Best High Schools in 2016.  This prestigious recognition validates the efforts of the school administration, instructional staff, support staff and students at all levels.  The recognition rewards the talent, effort and perseverance of everyone at GoPA.  This affirmation indicates that the school is living up to the highest standards that State Superintendent Dr. Donnie Evans has placed before it.   Dr. Evans vision is for Paterson Public Schools to be a model for urban education in the state of New Jersey and GoPA is meeting that challenge.  As a result GoPA continues to earn a wide variety of recognitions.  Factors that led to this selection are:

  • Annual increases in graduation and attendance rates
  • Annual increases in English and Math scores
  • Annual increases in the percentage of seniors admitted to selective universities
  • Documented successful academic programs (including National History Day, Mock Trial, Law 2 Life, Debate)
  • Successful community engagement programs (including winning the Optimum Challenge)

School Principal,  Dr. Karen A. Johnson attributes the success of the school primarily to the dedication of the teaching staff.  Says Dr. Johnson:  "There is overwhelming research that the most important part of student success is having effective teachers in the classroom.  The results of high quality teaching and a school committed to reaching it's goals are rewarded with recognitions such as this and others.  Congratulations are extended to everyone in this school."