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Good Health

Often people ask what is the most important thing in life.  They begin with family, job, education, maybe money.   I believe that the most important part of your life is your good health.   You will find it difficult to be a good father, mother, sister or brother if you are burdened with poor health.  You can not perform your job to the optimum if you are in poor health.   You can not achieve the maximum educational benefit if you are ill.   Money is worthless if you spend it while suffering pain.  Good health is a gift.  The challenge is that we are capable of controlling some parts of our health by supporting good lifestyle choices, encouraging exercise, avoiding drugs and alcohol, attempting to eat a good diet. So the next time someone asks this question remember this narrative and appreciate this wonderful gift of health.                    


 Nurse Eileen 

The nurse is at extension 10519. 

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