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Wear your knee length shorts to school every day in June!

Chocolate Indulgence

Purchase a $5.00 wristband.


All 3 Academy students form the word Ghost on football field.

Class of 2020 Senior Advisors

National     honor    Society     GoPA

Seniors:                                    Mariam Abreu

Carla Capellan Ruiz

Dillen Dennis

Michelle Sosa

Erica Williams

                           Class of 2018                          co-Presidents:

                                               •Delinah Alejo (SOIT)

                                               •Nayeli Mosquera Moreno (CAHTS)

Senior Dues Payment Schedule

•February 1 2019  A minimum of $50.00 paid

•April 1 2019  A minimum of $85.00 paid

•Before a prom bid may be purchased the above minimum amount of dues must be paid ($85.00)


•Payments must be in cash or money order only

•“Dues Credits” for sales count toward dues paid


Credit Recovery

•Credit Recovery began on Thursday December 13 FOR THOSE WHO RETURNED THEIR REGISTRATION FORMS


If notified, YOU MUST ATTEND - Graduation Status is affected

             Cap & Gown Order Form
Blank cap and gown order form.
Acceptable proof of legal name.
Proof of legal names in Spanish.
Fall Activities
Twins Mr. Sosa & VP Hilbert

twin day

Principal Sosa & VP Hilbert

Financial Obligations

$ 125.00 for Senior Dues.

             Senior Spring Week                 April 8 - 12th