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All 3 Academy students form the word Ghost on football field.

class of 2021

attention Seniors

Senior Graduation Package


Ms. Gibbs (SOIT, VP)-

Ms. Gilstrap -

Ms. Jagad -

Dr. Kennedy -

Ms. Montesino -

Ms. Toporivska -

Ms. Valenz -

Ms. DeFreese -

Ms. Davis -

Ms. Logan(GOPA, VP)-

Ms. Cruz -

JROTC Mighty Ghost Battalion Recognition

JROTC picture in the gym.

          The Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC), Eastside High School, Mighty Ghost Battalion led by Major Luis Eduardo Barraza the Senior Army Instructor and Department Chairmen, Command Sergeant Major Ricardo Garcia, Army Instructor and Sergeant First Class Mauricio Branwell received its JROTC Program of Accreditation evaluation on March 9, 2021 which provided excellent results. Receiving an overall rating of 96% earning Honor Unit with Distinction (HUD). Placing the JROTC program within the elite programs within our entire region and the United States consisting of over 3,275 combined military branch programs.  The 96% rating is a testament of how the Cadets and program has continued to grow and prosper even within a COVID-19 environment. 

          The JPA evaluation is conducted every three years by an inspection team led by the United States Army Cadet Command, 2nd Brigade when a unit scores proficient or an elite score of 95% or higher as the Eastside High School JROTC program did. Of course, it takes years and months of preparation and dedications from all instructors and Cadets. The inspection is designed to assess units primarily in the areas of teaching, learning, and building Cadet leaders through the years. The visit is comprised of accreditation criteria's that include Cadet led Battalion Continuous Improvement Briefing, Cadet led Service-Learning Briefing, Cadet Portfolios and Interviews, Cadet Unit Report, Cadet Color Guard team inspection and Cadet Drill and ceremony team inspection in which a program must score almost perfect in each area to acquire a unique distinction. Unbelievable accomplishment by "The Mighty Ghost JROTC Battalion". Congratulations!!!

Financial Obligation

Yearbook                                                                $60.00

Cap, gown, tassel and sash                                   $40.00

Specialty imprint sashes/tassels                          $10,00

Graduation flowers/decorations                          $ 5.00

Post Graduation Party/Senior Social                   $25.00

Total Dues:                                                                 $140.00

Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery usually begins after the new year for most classes, but you need to be prepared! See Ms. Davis

Health and Physical Education are being made up NOW! See Ms. Adams ASAP


If notified, YOU MUST ATTEND - Graduation Status is affected

             Cap & Gown Order Form
Blank cap and gown order form.
Ghost flyer
Student and munny