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Last day to purchase wrist bands for the Halloween costume dress up day is October 28th. No wristbands will be sold on Halloween. Cost $5 purchase in the Media Center

Halloween dress up!

Chocolate Indulgence

Purchase a $5.00 wristband.


All 3 Academy students form the word Ghost on football field.

Class of 2020 Senior Advisors

Ms. T. Logan Assistant principal

Ms. Acerra

Ms. Aguilar

Ms. Ashe

Mr. Baello

Ms. Cruz

Ms. Espinal

Ms. Figueroa

Ms. Geruntho

Ms. Gilstrap

Ms. Kardashinetz

Mr. LiVecci

Mrs. Miller

Ms. Stubbs

Mr.  Verrico

Ms. Wilson Vice Chair

Financial Aid Night

Financial Aid Night Wednesday October 23.

If you want to help sell snacks see

Ms. Logan in room 32X

Noche de ayuda financiera

miércoles, 23 de octubre.

Si quiere ayudar a vender bocadillos, vea a la Sra. Logan en la habitación 32X

National     honor    Society     GoPA

Seniors:                                    Mariam Abreu

Carla Capellan Ruiz

Dillen Dennis

Michelle Sosa

Erica Williams

                           Class of 2020                       President: Skyann Rivas Vice President:  Kennedy Rodriguez


Financial Obligation

Yearbook                                                                $60.00

Cap, gown, tassel and sash                                   $40.00

Specialty imprint sashes/tassels                          $10,00

Graduation flowers/decorations                          $ 5.00

Post Graduation Party/Senior Social                   $25.00

Total Dues:                                                                 $140.00

Senior class dues do not include:

§Class Trip
§Senior T-Shirt for Senior Week
§T-Shirt Day for June (names) 
§Class ring
§Other Class of 2020 fundraiser items

•Payment Plan •All payment should be made in Room 31 Media Center or Room 32X VP Logan’s officeYou should receive a receipt with every payment$5 a week will pay off your complete dues by May!!Fundraisers will help you pay off dues!Profit money made with fundraisers go directly to your account!

Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery usually begins after the new year for most classes, but you need to be prepared! See Ms. Davis

Health and Physical Education are being made up NOW! See Ms. Adams ASAP


If notified, YOU MUST ATTEND - Graduation Status is affected

             Cap & Gown Order Form
Blank cap and gown order form.
Acceptable proof of legal name.
Proof of legal names in Spanish.

twin day

$ 125.00 for Senior Dues.

             Senior Spring Week                 April 8 - 12th

Please be advised:

The Senior Class 2020 picture on the field will be taken on MONDAY, November 4th during the Activity Period.

*This date is subject to change due to weather or scheduling issues, but we will update you here on Google Classroom if it does.*

Last day to submit your t-shirt design is October 30. The winner of the contest will get $20 credited to their Senior Dues


Every box will profit $40 to each individual account.

So currently the dues are $140
Sell 1 box Student owes $100
Sell 2 boxes Student will owe $60
Sell 3 boxes Student will owe $20.

You must have a permission slip to sell. Homeroom teachers will hand out permission slips on Monday 10/21 please return them to VP Logan Room 32x or GoPA main office ask for it to go in Ms. Logan's mailbox.

How Fundraising Works!!

The box contains 50 (movie sized candies)  on sale for $2

You sell all the candy and bring back $100


Company gives us 40%.

40% of $100 =  $40 dollar

Total Dues  $140

You sell 1   box - $40

Balance $100 

Sell one more box the profit =$40

New Balance $100-$40 = $ 60


Do You See How Quickly you can pay off your DUES? 

All fundraisers have a different amount of profit split.