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SMILE TRAIN at Eastside High School

Throughout the month of May, members of the National Honor Society at Eastside High School in Paterson, New Jersey, joined forces with members of the French Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society to raise money for Smile Train. Since community service is one of the pillars of the NHS, students often meet this requirement by organizing fundraisers. The decision to fundraise for Smile Train was made during one of their monthly meetings. As the students discussed which charity would be most worthy of their efforts, their advisor told them about Smile Train. Many of them did not know what a cleft was, so she reminded them of the main character, Hassan, in one of their favorite novels, “The Kite Runner,” by Khaled Hosseini. Being teased for having a cleft lip was just one of the many challenges that Hassan had faced, and it had left a lasting impression on all of the students. Bullying was one of the themes they had analyzed, and they recalled how they had all connected with the struggles of the beloved character. After some discussion, the students realized that, thanks to an organization like Smile Train, they could do something to help children born with this deformity. They felt empowered and, just like that, their choice was made. The other organizations were asked to participate, and they immediately agreed.


The goal was to raise at least $250, enough to cover the cost of one operation. Some took the collection boxes to work, others took the boxes home, and most of them carried boxes with them throughout the day at school and asked everyone they saw to donate. Throughout the month, the pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars started adding up. After four weeks, the students exceeded their goal and raised $400.00. By participating in this fundraiser, they all saw first-hand that they didn’t have to have a lot of money to make a difference because there was strength in numbers. They were very proud of the fact that now, thanks to their efforts, a child on the other side of the world will be able to live a happy and healthy life.


At the assembly that they held to present their donation to Smile Train representative, Caitlin Roarke, the principal of the School of Government and Public Administration at Eastside High School, Mr. Ollo, encouraged them to continue to seek out opportunities to help others less fortunate than themselves. After participating in this fundraiser, listening to Ms. Roarke’s presentation about how Smile Train helps children all over the world, and watching the documentary, “Reborn,” which chronicles the journey of the 1,000,000th child helped by Smile Train, there is no doubt that the students at Eastside High School will continue to look for ways to put a smile on someone’s face and make a difference in the world.

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Tomorrows Children's Fund Fundraiser

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 Tomorrows Children’s Fund



The members of the National Honor Society from each of the 3 schools at Eastside High School have chosen to fundraise for Tomorrows Children’s Fund throughout the 2015-2016 school year. This organization was founded by a group of committed parents to help their children and others like them with cancer and serious blood disorders. TCF provides a warm, healthy and loving environment for children in treatment and a full scope of services to relieve families’ emotional and financial stress. It is the hope of the NHS students at Eastside High School to help the families of these children by collecting money, food pantry items, toys, school supplies and much more.  The students of the National Honor Society support Tomorrows Children’s Fund in their belief that through hope, hard work and heartfelt generosity, extraordinary things are possible. 


Click on this link to reach the Tomorrow's Children's Fund website .